Where to start.

My story

So where can I start... I'm a full-time developer with a passion for traveling, exploring and with no hesitation to try new and exciting things that life has to offer. I have been traveling most of my life at least as long as I can remember. So I have decided to create this to share my love and passion for travel and give some tips and heads up.

My travel stories.

I have been traveling since my childhood with my family now traveling with friends and my partner. So far I have traveled around 30 countries throughout my life but that to be continued. So it’s safe to say I have most scenarios covered! You can rest assured that I would never recommend anywhere unless I had personally been there, or had feedback from very reputable sources. This is my personal blog so you will only read an honest appraisal of places that I have experienced.

Travel has changed so much since I started booking holidays many years ago. The typical package holiday has evolved as people seek more and more choice. I know when to book a ‘package’ holiday and when to book flights and hotels separately, when to go to a travel agent and when to go it alone, this only comes with experience. I hope you will find this website interesting and useful and that it helps you when planning your holiday. Your feedback is always welcome so please feel free to comment as your advice, opinions and criticisms would be greatly appreciated. So whether you are interested in a week away in Europe, a shopping trip to the States or whether you want advice on planning your honeymoon to somewhere a little more exotic, l will try to have a post on that in the very near future.